Packington Pork

Bringing back the best...

Happy Pigs!

Happy Pigs! - All our pigs are born outdoors and live their whole lives in the lush green pastures of our farm at Packington

Where are our pigs?

Our first Packington farm was situated at Packington Fields Farm near Lichfield in Staffordshire. Since then we have set up several other free-range farms around the local area for our pigs, to ensure they all have plenty of space. The farms are premium, well drained grassland perfect for raising the very best pigs.

The farm environment is especially important in the life of our pigs because they are bred, reared and finished totally outdoors. This differentiates us between the majority of free-range pig farms, whose livestock spends a third of its life outdoors and then the remaining two thirds inside. We know from our customers that our way of breeding and rearing pigs makes for a better quality of pork.

Packington Fields Farm provides enough freedom for pigs to play, grow and act naturally and exhibit their instinctive characteristics.

Map of our area